Cookies Policy

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored in our browser while browsing the internet for the purpose of recognition and optimization for the most efficient operation of various websites. Cookies do not cause damage to users’ computers or the files stored on them, nor do they give access to documents or files on your computer. Also, cookies do not contain personal information or information that would allow anyone to contact you by phone or email. The purpose of cookies (hereinafter the “Company”) is to store some useful information about your browsing, so that we can offer you an improved user experience, while at the same time cookies help us to improve the content of our website and of our advertisements, according to your preferences, as well as to measure the performance and traffic of .

2. Why do we use Cookies?

The page uses cookies to manage sessions, to improve our operation, to easily connect to your account, to display personalized content such as suggestions and advertising material that best matches your interests. Also, cookies help us analyze how visitors use our website, how they navigate and identify areas where they may be experiencing difficulties. Finally, with the use of cookies we can and do collect anonymous statistics to better understand the use of the page, in order to improve its structure and content.

3. Categories of Cookies?

You can configure your browser settings to reject some or all cookies, except those necessary for the operation of the page. Some functions of the page are only available through the use of cookies, therefore if you choose to reject cookies it is possible that these functions will cease to be functional. On there are the following categories of cookies:

a) Necessary cookies
Necessary cookies are required for the proper functioning of the page. By using these cookies you can browse the page, log in to your account, complete your order and complete your online payment. Without these cookies the page cannot function and for this reason their deactivation while using the page is not possible.

b) Performance cookies (statistics)
Performance cookies are used to collect anonymous statistical data, so that, for example, we know which pages our users visit most often and how these pages are used. This anonymous information is used exclusively to improve the operation of the page

c) Functionality cookies (preferences)
These cookies keep the user’s preferences in order to improve the functionality of the page. In this way the user’s choices such as username, or language and the suggested way of displaying results are remembered, so that the page provides improved functionality, personalized to your settings.

d) Advertising cookies
With advertising cookies we can and do display personalized advertisements according to your preferences and interests. In this way we can send targeted newsletters and other advertising messages and offers with the aim of limiting the messages you receive. We can also measure the effectiveness of our advertising actions so that we can continuously improve them.

e) Google cookies
On the page we use Google services to record traffic statistics as well as to display targeted advertisements. These cookies are governed by Google’s privacy policy as described HERE.

4. Control of cookies

You can activate or revoke your consent to the use of cookies, as well as control or delete cookies.

To enable or disable cookies from your browser, click on the links below, depending on the program you are using:

  • for Chrome click HERE
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  • for Safari for iPhone, iPad or iPod click HERE

5. More information

More information about the policy of the page, your personal data and your rights can be found in the Privacy Policy of by clicking HERE. You can find more information about cookies by clicking HERE and HERE.

6. Cookie Policy Amendments reserves the right to modify this cookie policy. The most recent modification is always considered valid.

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