If you are looking for traditional greek tastes, transformed into creative tasteful dishes, then you must visit Ktima Skreka. 

You are in for a lifetime experience of the Greek tradition!

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Since 1935

Since 1935 ‘’Aibaliotis tavernaki tou papou‘’ (grandpa’s tavern) used to run as a winery at the village of Pikoulianika. With hard work and passion he produced his own delicacies from the Greek land like olives, olive oil, oregano, pasto ( preserved salt beef), honey, even wine!

Byzantine Meatballs

( of Costantinople )

Meatballs on naked pie, eggplant peppers, oyster mushrooms, grilled Talagani cheese and wild arugula with balsamic dressing.

Salad Ktima

 Crispy bread from Kythira, chopped tomato, feta cream, arugula from our garden.



Mixture of goat cheese, mint and Talagani with honey and black sesami seeds.



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“Calm & Delicious”

“Delicious and simple food in a nice environment. Rich portions, good prices, kind staff. We will definitely go again!”



“Perfect food and service! Gentle staff with very beautiful dishes that combined the new with local products! We will definitely visit again”


“Beautiful place”

Very good food in a beautifully landscaped area, special flavors, very good service and prices.


“Taste of another level”

“Excellent place, in a quiet place, in a very nice village. The food is delicious (moussaka and truffle risotto, as well as unforgettable orange pie).”

Xeni P

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